Saturday, 8 July 2017


Well not really sure if this will work if it does thanks Fiona. Here is my fist block completed, fingers crossed.

Kind Regards,


Friday, 2 June 2017

Starting Anew

Well, I gave up on trying to get my old blog going again I only just managed to get it going last time. I am certainly not gifted in this field and it is one area the young ones do not seem to dabble in. So right oh, I am on my own, might see if a neighbourhood house has a course on blogs.

Well it has been some time since I last entered blog land when I looked at the date on my old blog I realised why. A couple of days after my last post, one of my brothers passed away and a few months ago our Mother also, so it is still early days of settling affairs and adjusting to things.

So a time of change, reflection and moving forward into a new phase of life. What better way than to stitch and garden my way through it. So I have joined a Stitch-a-long and needed to get a blog going to join in, and my youngest and I have decided to grow ourselves a food forest over the coming year.

There has been some joyous events that have helped to balance life. Eldest daughter, Cassandra and her Fiance, Blair brought a block of land on which they hope to build their forever home starting next year. Youngest daughter Eleanor survived VCE and did really well and is now studying Bachelor of Applied Science and Physiotherapy. As for me I only just survived her VCE and was grateful she was the last one through high school. We added a beautiful kelpie called Brie ( as in cheese ) because she came from a farm in Bega NSW and two mischievous bunnies called Charlotte and Lacey.

Many of my tabs are currently empty but stay with me as I slowly fill them whilst building my blog.

Stitched together again,